Interactive Hero Area


Lots of minor fixes, the journey continues

21st of May 2017

I've updated THREE.JS and Semantic UI, given the site a bit of spit and polish and restored the 3D logo with an effect a bit closer to the original. Writing content in a Markdown file feels so 5 years ago now so I'm thinking of using my Medium account posts as a dev blog for this site, will need to look into their API and find a way to integrate that into my content builder process.

Working with audio, making songs and fighting round the world!

25th of December 2016

I've just started using a new library called WAD (Web Audio DAW) to synthesize audio. My original first sound demo was meant to be a Soundcloud streaming application but I'm waiting for my API key to be approved so for now I'm going to go with the more long term idea of sequencing music and effects in code and hopefully even generating it efficiently with code.

The pages for the site are built and styled (mostly?). This is the first time I've had a working gallery and it's all powered by the Universe repository which is fantastic.

THREE.JS and Live2D are up and running

18th of December 2016

The biggest thing I've wanted to achieve since first seeing the Live2D WebGL demo was to have my own manga looking characters. The Jack demo seen in the interactive hero area above is my first proof of concept. Building a new website has afforded me a clean overhead to play with new code :D I've opted to immediately try running multiple canvases and made the logo a WebGL canvas as well.

The next stage in development is to get the website content filled out and then styled up. It's always a bit of schlep for me as a developer.. trying to write content, come up with design and also put together a future-proofish framework for repeating this work in the future. Using Github Issues to plan my work and track where I'm up to and what I'm doing has been super handy.

Welcome to the new Langenium website!

11th of December 2016

This is a full rebuild of the site. Please visit the Langenium Facebook Page for more information.