Atlantis V Olympus

The story of a primordial discworld populated by gods.


After rebelling against his father Helios, Zeusleft Atlantis and formed his own kingdom on the light side of the world. Olympus is now a vast empire served by human slaves, a creature created to serve olympus.


Prometheus is horrified at the enslavement of humans.

He ultimately chooses to side with the humans which results in his torture and death. As a reward for his sacrifice, Pandora uses the Tesseract to allow Prometheus to be reborn in the new world.


The first clone made by Prometheus as an experiment. Pandora is the first human and pure of heart. When her siblings are enslaved on the other side of the world, she is enraged and begs Prometheus to intervene.


A truly neutral avatar of the realm, Yedin tries to avoid involving himself in the conflicts of others. This ultimately leads to his death, which curses all inhabitants of heaven with permanent death.