Fall of the Elx

A tribute to Lemmings and Worms, the Elx play the part of the Lemmings who wander about and get killed. The Krahm are the Worms, hunting the Elx and trying to eliminate them before they can evacuate.

The Elx can't attack, but they can set off environmental traps and position themselves in ways that will force the Krahm into risky and potentially losing choices. The Elx also have the option of completing certain puzzles and collecting items on the map.

The Krahm's motivation is to achieve maximum destruction with their kills. It's not enough to kill an Elx, they have several bonus targets and weapons strewn across the map.

This mini-game will tell the story of the Elx and how they lost their homeworld. The story will be split up into chapters.

A prelude will allude to the 'epic' storyline that ties in with why the Elx were attacked - the big bad told the Krahm to do it.


If executed well, this is fucking gold. It will also give me the ability to write up mechanics, item trees, skills, user db, etc, etc.